Schaffer and Emerson

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Shaffer and Emerson, Stages of Sociability

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Schaffer and Emerson
1 Stages of Socialisation
1.1 Pre-attachment Stage -0 to 3 months old. Predisposed to attach to any stimuli.
1.1.1 Also known as Asocial
1.1.2 Indiscriminate Stage - 3 to 7 months. Infants can distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar people. Happy to be comforted by anyone Discriminate attachment stage - 7 to 9 months. Can distinguish between their care and strangers. Will show separation anxiety Multiple attachments - 9 months onwards. The infant makes multiple attachments Also known as Specific Attachment Stage
2 Close emotional relationship between two persons, characterised by mutual affection and a desire to maintain proximity
3 Studied 60 babies from Glasgow in the first 18 months of life. Observed once a month a home.
3.1 Known as the 'Glasgow Babes'
3.2 Development of attachment was identified as the baby showing separation anxiety when left by caregiver
3.2.1 Attachment develop in sequence
3.3 Mothers who were most sensitive to their child's needs had securely attached children.
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