World War One Impact

Katie Bryden
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The impact world war one had on votes for women

Katie Bryden
Created by Katie Bryden about 6 years ago
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World War One Impact
1 Changes brought by War
1.1 Social Changes
1.1.1 Social barriers broke down
1.1.2 women had to adapt to new ways more practical fashion short hair trousers skirts became shorter smoked went to the cinema visited pups unaccompanied
1.1.3 women appeared in uniform
1.1.4 fewer men so chaperoning become less common
1.1.5 Women getting paid more up to £5 - twice as much as domestic servants
1.1.6 By 1919 contraception became more widely available
1.2 Political Changes
1.2.1 coalition government brought together supporters of women's votes David Lloyd George pro- suffrage replaced Asquith as Prime Minister
1.2.2 Pro- suffrage MP's young men before 1914 held influential places in the government
2 World of Work
2.1 Home Front
2.1.1 Dock Worker
2.1.2 Taxi Drivers
2.1.3 Conductor Trains Buses By 1917 25,000 women
2.1.4 Police
2.1.5 Shop Assistants
2.1.6 Typists
2.1.7 Secretaries
2.1.8 worked in government offices By July 1917 over 650,000
2.1.9 Munitions Industry made shells and bullets By 1914 - 212,00 women by 1917 - 819,00 women
2.1.10 Nurse 45,000 by 1917
2.2 In the forces
2.2.1 WREN By 1918 3,000 women
2.2.2 WAAC By 1918 57,000 women
2.2.3 The woman's Legion consisted of 40,00 women working as cooks and nurses
2.2.4 By 1916 every London ambulance driven by a women
2.2.5 A thousand women had served in France, Russia, Macedonia and Romania
2.2.6 MI5 run entirely by women
2.2.7 Dr Elsie Inglis Scottish suffragette formed all woman hospital units od doctors, nurses, orderlies and drivers
2.2.8 WRAF By 1918 32,000 women

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