Italy and WWI

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Italy and WWI
1 1914: Italy declares neutrality despite being allied with the central powers
1.1 provoked various political reactions
1.1.1 FOR (neutralists) socialists some liberals particularly followers of Giolitti, who was keen on neutrality
1.1.2 AGAINST (interventionists) Futurists wanted war as they saw it as socially cleansing Nationalists wanted to win more land some liberals led by Salendra
1.2 Why?
1.2.1 Italy was not economically ready for a war
1.2.2 wanted to preserve friendly relations with Britain
1.2.3 there was a lot to be gained from both sides by bargaining to stay out of the war Italy gained a lot of trade in 1914 from countries who weren't trading with each other
1.2.4 Italy was under no formal obligation to fight
2 1915: Italy declares war on the side of the Allies
2.1 Why?
2.1.1 Treaty of London offers Italy various lands Trentino + South Tyrol Italian speaking conquering them would achieve Italia Irredenta


  • Italia Irredenta - the idea of reclaiming Italian lands lost to Austria-Hungary and completing Risorgimento (the unification of Italy) Istria, Trieste + Dalmatia Adriatic trading ports difficult for Central Powers to match this most of the lands were owned by Austria-Hungary
2.2 1915: The Intervention Crisis
2.2.1 Salendra had hoped that the war would secure his position as PM however, rumours began to spread about Italy entering the war more and more people start to show their support for Giolitti + neutrality Salendra has no parliamentary majority to oppose this 13th May 1915: Salendra resigns; Giolitti asked to form a new govt Giolitti gave up once it was clear that Italy would be humiliated if it didn't accept the Treaty of London also feared the King would be forced to abdicate Interventionist demonstrations broke out; d'Annunzio made speeches against Giolitti 16th May 1915: King reinstates Salendra as PM Chamber grants government full emergency powers + economic resources 24th May 1915: Italy declares war on Austria-Hungary Salendra tries to encourage the nation into way by telling them to unite and complete the Risorgimento 28th August 1916: Italy declares war on Germany
2.2.2 fostered myth of 'interventionism' idea that it was only a few senior politicians who wanted to go to war, and so had pushed Italy into it against Parliament's wishes this was not true; Parliament had agreed to enter the war allowed d'Annunzio and Mussolini to exaggerate created more opposition to govt people more eager for change
2.3 PROS
2.3.1 Italy would gain a lot of land
2.3.2 unification
2.3.3 glory of winning
2.4 CONS
2.4.1 political groups divided
2.4.2 left Italy open to revenge of Central Powers
2.4.3 gave rise to extremism
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