Early years of the Weimar Republic

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Early years of the Weimar Republic
1 Why were they facing so many problems?
1.1 Germany was politically unstable after the Kaiser abdictated. the country was not used to the democracy
1.2 The Weimar republic was lead by weak governments
1.3 People thought the new government had betrayed Germany by surrendering in WW1
1.4 Opposition parties tried to take over the new republic
1.5 Radicals (like Adolf hiter ) hated the new Republic and wanted to destroy it
2 The Weimar Constitution
2.1 The president
2.1.1 Elected every 7 years . Appoints chancellor . Can use Article 48 which meant that in an emergency the President could pass any law without asking the Reichstag ( Reichastag is the german Parliment )
2.2 The Chancellor
2.2.1 Appointed by the president. Needs support from the majority of the Reichstag
2.3 The Reichstag
2.3.1 Same as our House of Commons. They have the power to pass ( or reject ) changes to the law. Elected by proportional representation every 4 years
2.4 The Electrate ( The German voters )
2.4.1 All adults over the age of 20 could vote for president and Reichstag
3 Strengths and weaknesses of the Weimar constitution
3.1 Strengths
3.1.1 Political parties recieved the same percentage of seats as they did votes
3.1.2 Role of the president of the Weimar Republic was strong
3.2 Weaknesses
3.2.1 A lot of parties in the Parliment
3.2.2 Weak governments
3.2.3 President had TOO MUCH power
3.2.4 Opposition parties were allowed to critise the governement
3.2.5 Traditional instituations werent reformed
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