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1.1 Young rural work seekers were attracted to big cities social and cultural attractions: Royal Empire Theatre and ABC Cinema
1.2 Better wages (50% higher in cities) and shorter hours (10 a day and a half day on saturday)
1.3.1 Poor housing, Very little (overcrowded) land, and very low wages. Blackhouses - no running water, inside toilets and sharing w/ animals
1.3.2 Fishing industry decline after 1850's due to foreign competition
1.3.3 Highland Clearances - mid 1850s Crofter's Holding Act 1886 - prevented further clearances
1.3.4 Population decline 1891-1931: 26% compared to LowLands 16%
1.4.3 higher standard of living.
1.5 However:
1.5.1 Some Migration only temporary due to being attached to the land or sending money back home Allowed peasants to buy, gain and pay rent on crofts
1.5.2 Some migration Permanent due to poverty rife and hard life in highlands.
1.5.3 Cultivation of the Potato sustained population until 1840s
2 Migration of Scots Abroad
2.1 Australia
2.1.1 Sheep Farming introduced by a Scot Wool Became biggest export Refrigerated Meat
2.1.2 Conflict between Aboriginals 1788 over 600k - by 1888 only 80k Settlers ruthlessly evicted them from their land - pushed onto settlements. Westernized: Taught English, Christian Morals and Values and Names.
2.1.3 Potato Blight sufferers channeled by Governement to Australia
2.1.4 Victoria Gold Rush: Attracted Many Aussi's, leaving Jobs available to Scots: Labourers, Carpenters, Builders, Joiners, Ministers. Population increase by 3x in 10 years During 1850s 80% of Scots in Australia went to Victoria.
2.1.5 Mining in New S Wales in 1920s/30s attracted thousands of workers from Lanarkshire, Ayr + Fife.
2.1.6 By 1850 almost 25% of Population had come from Scotland - settled mostly around Peth, Victoria and New S Wales.
2.1.7 IMPORTANT FIGURES Alexander McCrae from Highlands designed Speedos. Edward Thompson = Clnl Secretary during Gold Rush. Andrew Fisher (Ayrshire) = 1st Labour Party pm in 1908 James Munro = 15th Premier of Victoria. Established Federal Bank and Building Scoiety in 1882. Helen Spemce = 1st female political Candidate/journalist. - On the 5$ Bill, 'Oz's Greatest Woman' & Suffrage Campaigner.
2.1.8 1920s - thousands of Scots Stonemasons helped build the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
2.1.9 8.9% of Australian's today claim Scottish Roots.
2.2 New Zeland
2.2.1 Scots ecouraged to migrate by Government Agents. Ecouraged aprox 4k scots to go, 800 of which had NZ relatives.
2.2.2 1920s Government offered free Passage to people like domestic servants - aprox 90% of NZ homes employed at least 1 servant.
2.2.3 State of Otago advertised a Scottish/Presbyterian destination.
2.2.4 Dunedin established in 1848 - Free Chuch of Scotland had a large part in development.
2.2.5 Gold Discovery in Aorere and Coromandel
2.2.6 1852 - 1860 aprox 16.5% of Incomers from Oz = Scottish Born.
2.2.7 1890s frozen transport benefited the South Island and Canterbury
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