Civil Rights movement 1945-55

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Civil Rights movement 1945-55
1 President Truman
1.1 Desegregation of armed forces 1950
1.2 To secure these rights 1947
1.2.1 Highlighted inequality and made suggestions for change
1.2.2 New laws proposed to deal with lynching and force police to protect black citizens and prosecute lynch mobs However, the de facto was that some police members were in the kkk
1.2.3 Legal obstacles such as impossible registration tests stopped black voters Truman said to abolish the test and enforce voting rights locally De facto was that no laws were passed by Truman to monitor voting registration in states
1.2.4 White workers received on average 20 cents more per hour than black workers Truman passed an executive order which successfully guaranteed fair employment in the civil service
1.2.5 Overall segregation Restaurant at an airport in Washington DC was desegregated
1.3 Conclusion
1.3.1 Contributed a fair amount to improvement of the AAs but not full desegragation
2 Direct action
2.1 CORE
2.1.1 Journey of Reconciliation 1947 Sent eight white and eight black men into the South to test the Supreme Court's ruling of segregation on interstate travel Achieved a lot of media attention and was the start of much direct action from CORE
2.1.2 Congress of Racial Inequality
3 Legal action
3.1.1 National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People
3.1.2 Founded 1909
3.1.3 Put pressure on politicians, fought court cases and led non-violent campaigns
3.2 Morgan v Virginia
3.2.1 Many buses ran from one state to another, so they could run from segregated states into non-segregated ones
3.2.2 Irene Morgan fined $100 for refusing to give up her seat to a white person Supreme Court said state laws do not apply to buses travelling from one state to another
3.3 Brown v Board of Education
3.3.1 1954
3.3.2 Ordered all schools to desegregate with 'all deliberate speed' Gave southern schools the impression desegregation didn't need to be immediate Some states took up to 8 years
4 Things limiting improvements
4.1 Ku Klux Klan
4.1.1 White supremacists Tried to sabotage civil rights movement by bombing black schools and churches (violent methods)
4.2 No leader yet
4.3 Not a nationwide campaign, more local direct action
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