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Arab-Israeli Conflict Coursework Plan

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Question B Plan
1 1st paragraph
1.1 in 1900 only 1/5 of Palestine was not muslim
1.2 Kibbutzim and Arab refugees
1.3 Land
1.3.1 'holy lands'
1.3.2 Non-comprisable ownership of Palestine
1.3.3 Race, Language, Culture
1.4 Nationalism
1.4.1 Zionism Promise land Willing to compromise Tel Aviv
1.4.2 Pan-Arab Nationalism Greater Syria Non-Compromisable Palestinians ethnically Syrians Anti-Zionist Outsiders Colonists 'One united Arab legion'
2 2nd Paragraph
2.1 Manadate of Palestine
2.1.1 Personal Ambitions Greater Syria Hashemites lost Syria to France in WW1 Reclaim Wanted
2.1.2 Regional Ambitions Egypt was a regional leader Would not allow a Jewish State
2.2 UK
2.2.1 UK triggered Partition Plan 1948 against Arabs
2.2.2 Change of position to please Arabs OIL Retreat in 1948 Stated a need for Arab consent of Partition Angered Zionists Terror Attacks
2.3 WW2
2.3.1 Anti-Western hostility Military Equipment Arabs viewed Israel as a client of the West
3 3rd Paragraph
3.1 Superpowers
3.1.1 US Political support US Jewish body WW2 sympathy Holocaust Recognition of Israel as a state Financial Support 65 million dollars 1948-51 US/UK Alliance broke down 6 day war
3.1.2 Soviet Union Originally supported Israel (collapsed 1991)
3.1.3 OIL
3.2 Cold War
3.2.1 Suez Crisis Land-locked Israel UK, France, Israel
3.2.2 UN Resolution 1967 Lack of 'Real power'
4 4th Paragraph
4.1 Sadat's Egypt
4.1.1 Yom Kippur War Anwar Sadat initially attempted to improve relations with US & Israel Israeli rejection Land US broker for peace 1973 Camp David 1991 Madrid Conference 1993 Robin-Arafat hanshake Sadat attacked Israel Persuasion for peace attempt to regain lost land Arabs; Soviet Weaponry Israeli's; US airlift of arms Nixon delayed by 1 week -> sympathy to Egyptians UN Ceasefire Arab Oil weapon as punishment to US and Allies Cease-fire exposed Syria to military defeat Israel seized more territory of Golan Heights (Syria) Syria voted with other Arab nations to expel Egypt from the Arab league 1974 1st two Egyptian-Israeli disengagement agreements 1982, Israel returned the last segment of the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt 1979, Sadat & Prime minister Menachem Begin signed 1st Israeli peace agreement
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