RE: Islamic Beliefs About Life After Death

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RE: Islamic Beliefs About Life After Death
1 Muslim beliefs about Akirah
1.1 After Death, The angel of Death will take a person's soul to Barzakh (The stage after death and before Judgement)
1.1.1 Allah will judge each individual on the way they lived their life On the Day of Judgement the body will be resurrected Two Angels will open the book containing the record of a person's life If the name is recorded on the Right hand side of the book, the person will go to al'Jannah If their name is recorded on the left hand side of the book, the person will go to Jahannam
2 Why Muslims Believe in the Afterlife
2.1 The Qur'an states that we came from Allah and we must return to Allah
2.2 Surahs 11 and 56 teach that those leading a good life will go to Heaven and that God is Powerful but also Merciful
2.3 The teachings and practice of the Prophet
3 Judgement:
3.1 The Qur'an and Sharia law teach that Muslims will be judged by Allah and their actions will determine their afterlife
3.2 Islam teaches that good will be rewarded, and evil will be punished
3.3 The Qur'an teaches that God's judgement is Final
3.4 Only the judgement of Allah can put the wrongs of life right
4 The effect on the life of a Muslim
4.1 All Muslims try to follow the Teachings of the Qur'an
4.2 They will also follow the example of the Prophet Muhammad
4.3 They will try to act the way Allah wishes and care for others, not cause harm
4.4 Muslims Believe Allah is Omniscient so they try to please him as he will judge them in the afterlife
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