Coastal erosion

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Coastal erosion for AQA AS level geography

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Coastal erosion
1 The geology of the area
1.1 Litology of the rock
1.1.1 Diferential eroision Holderness - Glacial till - 2 metres per year eroded Chalk - South East - 0.3 metres per year eroded Granite - South West - 0.001 metres per year eroded
1.2 Rock type
1.2.1 E.g less reistant is Limestone
2 Human Activity
2.1 Sea defence
2.1.1 Managed retreat
2.1.2 Hold the line
2.1.3 Advance retreat
2.2 Coastal settlements
2.2.1 This would cause the cliff matrial to be pull down on more
3 Location
3.1 Techtonic Issues
3.1.1 How the rock is angled
3.1.2 Formation of Tsunamies
3.2 How exposed the area is
3.2.1 Headlands tend to be exposed Can be concordent or discordent
3.2.2 Formation of storms
4 Aeolian Processes
5 Waves
5.1 Wave Diffraction
5.2 Types
5.2.1 Destructive
5.2.2 Constructive
5.3 Wave refraction
6 Weathering
6.1 Physical
6.1.1 Thermal expansion
6.1.2 Freeze Thaw weathering More likely to happen in the north
6.2 Biological
6.2.1 Piddock fish dig into the rock
6.2.2 Vegetation force cracks open
7 Longshore drift
7.1 No material to prevent erosion
8 Acid rain
9 Coastal Landforms
9.1 Shore platforms
9.1.1 Wave-cut platforms High-tide platforms Low tide platforms Most frequently found in high energy environments Steep cliffs are replaced by lengthening platforms and a lower angle cliff Having been subjected to marine processes
9.2 Coves
9.2.1 Form because there is a weakness in the rock, and the sea takes advantage of this
9.2.2 Example; Lulworth cove Created when the limestone wall was breached during the periglacial period The Chalk has not been eroded because of wave refraction on the bay
9.3 Headlands
9.3.1 Example of a stump:Old Harry, Dorset
9.3.2 Example of an Arch; Green Bridge of Wales