Data loss

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International Baccalaureate (IB) Computer Science Mind Map on Data loss, created by Em The Human on 09/29/2019.

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Data loss
  1. Hardware/system malfunctions
    1. Power failure
      1. Regular backups
        1. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
        2. Physical damage of the device
          1. Take care when handling devices
        3. Human error
          1. Accidental deletion
            1. Use file recovery system
            2. Misplacement of data
              1. Make an organized storage system
              2. Closing a file without saving the changes
                1. Use autosave
              3. Software corruption
                1. Data corruption
                  1. Regular backups
                2. Natural disasters
                  1. Save data on a cloud
                    1. Regular backups
                    2. Malicious activity
                      1. Computer viruses
                        1. Regular backups
                          1. Store data in multiple locations
                            1. Use antivirus software
                            2. Outsiders trying to gain, delete or alter the information
                              1. Firewall
                                1. Multiple storing locations
                                  1. Use of authentication (passwords, biometrics etc.)
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