Bill of Rights

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A concept map comparing the Bill of Rights to the Declaration of Independence.

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Bill of Rights
  1. Declaration of Independence
    1. Justified breaking away from England and its ruler
      1. Signed in 1776
        1. Never amended/stands as is
          1. Lists grievances caused by the monarch
            1. Check and balance system + set of laws created because of such grievances
            2. Written mostly by Thomas Jefferson
            3. Designed to establish a Government
              1. Made in 1789
                1. Added to constitution in 1791
                2. citizens have a set of basic, indespensable rights
                  1. Been ammended several times
                    1. Check and Balancing system
                      1. Made to balance government
                      2. Demands for morally correct human treatment
                        1. Authored by James Madison
                          1. Adamant about protecting individual rights from government
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