Building The Omni channel - A White Paper

Andy Betts
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Andy Betts
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A mind map to base a white paper on solving the problem of how static and unintuitive IVR and self service systems create frustrating customer journeys

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Building The Omni channel - A White Paper
1 The multi-channel Problem
1.1 50% of calls going to the wrong endpoints
1.1.1 High transfer rate of calls Calls waiting transferred and waiting Decrease in contact centre productivity Increased agent churn Increased costs of training Decreased business knowledge and expertise Poor agent % utilisation
1.2 IVR options are static and unintuitive
1.2.1 No business or customer context No focus on high value $ transactions
1.2.2 Call flows are fixed and not dynamic Require to be designed recorded tested and built Tend to be in place for long periods
1.3 Information Repeated
1.3.1 Customers & Agents frustrated
1.4 Management of multiple 1300/1800 entry points
1.4.1 Numbers and IVR options used for differentiation
1.4.2 Customer behaviour based on selection experience
1.5 Customers not identified
1.5.1 Purpose for call not determined
2 Omnichannel - The Opportunity
2.1 Create the DATA lake
2.1.1 Master data management Single View Customer Customer Relationship Management Requests Single Version of truth Automation Processes to clean data DB Framework and Topology
2.2 Magnificent Inputs
2.2.1 Voice Mobile 1300 / 1800 number
2.2.2 SMS
2.2.3 Web Channel
2.2.4 E-mail
2.2.5 Video
2.2.6 Chat
2.2.7 Social Media
2.2.8 Salesforce
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