The Progressive Era

Hayden LeFoy
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This is a layout of a timeline of events that occurred during the Progressive Era of the United States. It includes important events, people, and terms associated with this time.

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The Progressive Era
  1. Presidents
    1. William Howard Taft
      1. Theodore Roosevelt
        1. Act Woodrow Wilson
          1. Women's Rights
            1. Nineteenth Amendment
        2. Causes of Movement
          1. Immigrant Living Conditions
            1. Women's Rights
              1. Racial Discrimination
                1. Booker T. Washington
                  1. Tuskegee Institute
                  2. Du Bois
                    1. NAACP
                  3. Jane Addams
                    1. Hull House
                    2. Alice Paul
                      1. National American Suffrage Association
                    3. Big Business
                      1. Working Conditions
                    4. Journalists
                      1. Jacob Riis
                        1. Environmentalism
                        2. Upton Sinclair
                          1. Meat Inspection Act
                            1. Pure Food and Drug Act
                          2. Big Business
                            1. Sherman Antitrust Act
                              1. Clayton Antitrust Act
                              2. Environmental Reformers
                                1. John Muir
                                  1. Grifford Pinchot
                                    1. National Wildlife refuges
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