Milgram Study

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Milgram Study
1 Reliability
2 Validity
3 Setting
3.1 Yale University, New Haven, Conneticut, US
4 Researchers
5 Aim
5.1 The aim of the experiment was to investigate what level of obedience would be shown when participants were told by an authority figure to administer electric shocks to another person.
6 Context
7 Sample
7.1 40 males aged between 20 and 50 years of age, were recruited from the New Haven area.
7.2 They were obtained by responding to a newspaper and direct mail advertisement which asked for volunteers to participate in a study of memory and learning at Yale University.
7.3 The participants represented a wide range of occupations, including postal clerks, high-school teachers, salesmen, engineers and labourers.
7.4 They were paid $4.50 for their participation in the experiment but importantly they were told that the payment was simply for coming to the laboratory, regardless of what happened after they arrived.
8 Method
9 Improvements
10 Results
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