Cohora Bassa Dam Case Study

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Case study on Cahora Basa Dam Mozambique

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Cohora Bassa Dam Case Study
1 On the Zambizie River, Mozambique
1.1 52% below poverty line
1.2 Low life expectancy (52 years)
2 The original plan for the dam
2.1 Generate HEP for rural areas of Mozambique
2.2 Sell excess generated power
2.3 A source of sustainable and renewable energy
2.4 Reduce risk of occasional flooding
2.4.1 In 1978 flood, 45 people died, 100,000 displaced, $62mil of damage
3.1 No local community involvement, all decisions made by governments (mainly Portugal)
4 Mozambique elisted S.Africa to build the complicated transmission system of part of the dam, as well as a lot of the whole dam itself
4.1 On condition that it supplied S.Africa with energy
5 Funded by Portugal through BILATERAL AID
5.1 Portugal had to own 82% of the dam
5.1.1 (Portugal made most of the profits)
5.1.2 in 1975 Portugal sold Mozambique back the majority of the dam, but keeping 15% Made $2.2 billion from this sale
6 Success?
6.1 Due to climate (drought) there are high levels of evaporation in the reservoir giving high levels of salinity
6.1.1 Led to a decline in the Shrimp industry However other fisheries developed, as large colonies of Kapenta fish thrive behind the dam 10,000 tonnes as of 2003
6.2 A flood in 2013 killed 73 and displaced 10,000
6.3 Lack of fine alluvium deposits further downstream as blocked by dams
6.3.1 Less fertile soils impacting on farmers and food supply
6.4 Rare species of Bull Shark trapped behind dam in high salinity conditions
6.5 Civil war and insurgent attacks delayed the building of the dam
6.5.1 Estimated to have cost $3.8billion
6.6 Due to slow river velocity and low levels of rainfall the dam only provides 1% of its energy to rural areas
6.7 Most of the energy produced was sold to S.Africa to aid in its development, specifically during the 2010 world cup
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