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Fashion Timeline
  1. 1930's; Puffed Sleeves
    1. Women from this decade moved to the more feminine shapes in their wardrobes. The puffed sleeves was to help bring back the curves to a woman's body, while also helping to create a curve if the woman didn't have one.
      1. U.S passes Textile Fibre Products Identification Act, dealing with mandatory content disclosure in labelling, invoicing, and advertising of textile products.
      2. 1900's; Feathered Hat
        1. The popularity of wearing real feathers in hats reached its peak in the early 20th century. According to The Smithsonian, women decorated their hats with feathers, wings and even taxidermied birds. this cuased a big decrease in the bird population and even led to the extinction of some.
          1. Heinrich Stoll creates the flat bed purl knitting machine.
          2. 1910's;Edwardian Corset
            1. The Edwardian Corset was meant to define the woman's breasts and hips , while tightening the body around the waist and dramatically curving the back.
              1. Spiers invents the circular bed purl knitting machine .
              2. 1920's; Flapper headband
                1. The bob haircut became very popular in the 1920's and these rebellious women would often pair their haircuts with headbands that cut across the forehead that give their haircut a more feminine look.
                  1. Hattersley loom developed by George Hattersley and Sons.
            2. 1940's; Utility Dress
              1. The majority of the decade's fashion was based on call civilian uniforms. these clothes were marked 'CC41' for 'Civilian Clothing 1941' . these were made to be affordable and durable, not fashionable.
                1. Spectrophotometer invented, with impact on the commercial textile dye process.
                2. 1950's; Saddle Shoes
                  1. The saddle shoe was originally created for sporting purposes in the early 1900s, but the rise of dances like the Lindy Hop and Jitterbug in the 1950s, they became the choice of footwear.
                    1. Spandex fiber invented by DuPont's Joseph Shivers.
                    2. 1960's; Pearls
                      1. While pearls have been popular for the upper classes since the Middle Ages, the 60's brought fashion pearls that were much cheaper, normally made from plastic. Pearls were supposed to display social status, while also displaying femininity and class.
                        1. Existing machines became outfitted with computerised numeric control (CNC) systems, allowing more accurate and efficient actuation.
                3. 1970's; Bell Bottoms
                  1. One of the most famous fashion items in the 70s was bell bottoms trousers (for both men and women). While bell bottom trousers had began their popularity in the 60s with non-conformist youth, the 70s saw an era of mass-produced flared trousers in the rise of different fabrics.
                    1. Murata manufacturing demonstrates air splicing of yarn.
                    2. 1980's; Shoulder Pads
                      1. This was the decade of self indulgence. Women looked for inspiration from music videos, TV shows and movies and the fashion were over the top. women were now becoming a big part of the workforce and were told they needed to look the part. Finished with very padded shoulders and a straight jacket cut, it was thought that the wider the shoulders were, the smaller the waist looked.
                        1. Bonas Machine Company Ltd. presents the first computer-controlled electronic Jacquard loom.
                        2. 1990's; Chuck Taylors
                          1. While the shoe was actually made for basketball players, the 90s saw a huge rejuvenation of these Chuck Taylors on the streets. these shoes became compatible with counterculture and were worn by lovers of rockers, punk rockers and grunge. today, these shoes are one of the most popular out there.
                            1. 2000's; Velour Track Suits
                              1. In regards to Juicy Couture, celebrities, such as Paris Hilton, in the early millenium were found wearing velour tracksuits in every colour. Trying to imitate Hollywood, people all over the world followed suit and numerous replicas came into the market.
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