Votes For Women

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A mind map showing all the possible causes of votes for women, including the suffragettes and the suffragists.

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Votes For Women
1 The Government at the time was reluctant to give women the vote so 2 groups were set up to support the campaign of 'votes for women', these were:
1.1 Suffragettes (Violent)
1.1.1 Since Millicent Fawcetts way of non violent protest was taking so long many women became angry and this meant that after a while in 1903 the Womens Social and Political Union (WSPU) was founded by Emmeline Parkhurst and her daughters Christabel and Sylvia. The WSPU became better known as the Suffragetttes. Members of the Suffragettes were prepared to use violence to get what they wanted. However it took until 1905 for the Suffargettes to become properly violent, it was in 1905 that Christabel Parkhurst and Annie Kennedy interrupted a political meeting in which they asked two politicians, Winston Churchill and Sir Edward Grey if they thought Women should get the vote, neither man replied. The two women then got a banner out which said 'VOTES FOR WOMEN'.
1.2 Suffagists (Non-Violent)
1.2.1 TheSuffragists wanted the right for women to vote. The campaign really started in 1897 when Millicent Fawcett founded the National Union of Women's Sufferage Societies (NUWSS), or Suffragists. Millicent Fawcett believed in non-violent protest as she believd any violence would make men think women couldn't be trusted with the vote.
2 The main problem Women had was the fact that men had a stereo typical images of what a women actually cares about, this is highlighted in the cartoon, 'A Women's Mind Magnified'
2.1 However this stereotype soon changed after the war, this is because women had to do the jobs men did however the men went to fight on the front line so women became, Framers, arms makers and genereally looked after the country.
3 Some of the most compelling reasons not to give women the vote are as follows. From most important to least important.
3.1 Men and Women have different responsibilities. Women are home makers and mothers. Its the role of men to debate and make difficult decisions.
3.1.1 Queen Victoria's quote from the time. Women do not fight for our country in war so why should they decide if we go to war or not? Its only middle class women campaigning for the vote. If you give the vote to Women that would mean giving the vote to all men, including the Rif Raf.
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