Causes and impacts of Deforestation in Tropical rainforests

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Some of the causes and environmental, social, economic impacts of deforestation in Amazon rainforest.

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Causes and impacts of Deforestation in Tropical rainforests
1 Road building
1.1 Economic
1.1.1 Helps country to develop economically.
1.2 Social
1.2.1 Improve communications within the country.
1.3 Environmental
1.3.1 Leads to further deforestation. can cause soil erosion and flooding.
2 population pressure
2.1 Social
2.1.1 Urban dwellers have more space, Amerindians lose space to live Urban dwellers- People who once lived in a city move away to live in a forest.
2.2 Environmental
2.2.1 Trees are cleared to make land for new settlements
2.3 Economic
2.3.1 Urban dwellers can earn some money buy cutting trees down and selling them to the market.
3 Commercial logging
3.1 Economic
3.1.1 Trees are felled to make money
3.1.2 Create jobs.
3.2 Social
3.2.1 The quality of life for some local people improves as there are more jobs
3.3 Environmental
3.3.1 Without tress there's no leaf fall so there is no nutrient supply to the soil, which makes it less fertile
4 Slash and burn (Farming)
4.1 Social
4.1.1 Maintain Amerindian lifestyle and culture
4.2 Economic
4.2.1 This is subsistence farming- growing crops to live off rather than to trade.
4.3 Environmental
4.3.1 Only small area is cleared
4.3.2 The forest is allowed to regenrate and recover.
5 Debt repayment
5.1 Environmental
5.1.1 The rainforest absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,but clearing the tress and burning them just adds to the problem.
5.2 Social
5.2.1 Amerindians have watched their land and way of life disappear.
5.3 Economic
5.3.1 Brazilian government paying debts by destroying rainforest. The loss of so much forest has helped to contribute to global warming
6 Mineral extraction
6.1 Environmental
6.1.1 Massive amount of rainforest cleared. CO2 released into the atmosphere which causes global warming.
6.2 Social
6.2.1 Provides jobs for local people.
6.2.2 Destroys the traditional Amerindian way of life
6.3 Economic
6.3.1 Minerals are mined and sold to make money.
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