Hepatitis Treatment

Emma Jones
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ID Mind Map on Hepatitis Treatment, created by Emma Jones on 09/14/2013.

Emma Jones
Created by Emma Jones about 6 years ago
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Hepatitis Treatment
1 Hepatitis B
1.1 Pegylated alpha interferon
1.1.1 Expensive, contraindications, side effects
1.1.2 No resistance
1.1.3 48 wks subcutaneous
1.1.4 eAg+ : low response, high sustained response
1.1.5 eAg- : high response (60%), low sustained response
1.1.6 Flu-like, cytopaenia, depression
1.2 Oral anti-virals: suppress viral replication
1.2.1 Examples Lamivudine: no longer used due to low durability of response Adefovir: poor response durability @5yrs Entecavir Tenofovir
1.2.2 Effectiveness: high response to treatment, low retained response
1.2.3 Side effects: few
1.2.4 1/day indefinitely
2 Hepatitis C
2.1 Pegylated alpha interferon + Ribavirin
2.1.1 Duration Genotypes 1&4: 48 weeks, 45% success Genotypes 2&3: 24 weeks, 80% success
2.1.2 Side effects Pegylated interferon: fatigue, malaise, neutropaenia, thrombocytopaenia, depression, insomnia, weight loss, alopecia Ribavirin: pruritis, anaemia, rash, nasal congestion
2.1.3 Contraindications Interferon: severe depression, psychosis, cardiac failure, autoimmune disease, pregnancy Ribavirin: renal failure, pregnancy
2.2 HCV N23/4A inhibitors
2.2.1 Boceprevir Anaemia, dysuguesia 68% sustained response
2.2.2 Telaprevir Severe rash, anaemia, nausea 75% sustained response
2.2.3 Clinical use Genotype 1 only Triple Therapy with IFN/Ribavirin: reduced tolerance due to combined side effects

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