Acids and Alkalis

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GCSE Food Tech Mind Map on Acids and Alkalis, created by Hannah Fowkes on 02/26/2015.

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Acids and Alkalis
1 Acidity or alkalinity of food is measured on the pH scale, which runs from 1 to 14.
2 Acidity or alkalinity affects: the taste of final product the rate at which microorganisms grow within and upon food
3 Neutral foods
3.1 pH value of 7
3.2 neither acid nor alkali
3.3 Pure water
4 Acids
4.1 Acidic fruits mixed with milk or cream will casue the mixture to curdle
4.1.1 Used in no-bake cheesecake
4.2 Adding vinegar to meringue mixture will give it a soft texture
4.3 Lemon juice helps prevent fruits like apples from discolouring
5 Alkalis
5.1 Bicarbonate of soda acts as a raising agent during baking
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