Decolonising identity

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Decolonising identity
1 Image-representation Identity
1.1 Self-representation
1.2 Image-sovreignty
2 Images, stereotypes, Icons
2.1 How does an image become a stereotype?
2.2 What form of representation
2.3 Image becomes an icon- who benefits
3 3 Empires Approach
3.1 Establishes hierarchy- severs past from present
3.2 Culture levels
3.2.1 High Civilization: maya, aztec, inca
4 Mapping representation
4.1 four cardinal points: apache, mapuche, maya, aymara
4.2 Number 13, cosmology, colours, seasons
4.3 Movable Center, colonial semiosis
4.3.1 people make territorial representations
4.3.2 Center- economic power Borders of kingdoms- nation states
4.3.3 Colonial thought considered universal Stereotypes produced by reduction Indios concept- nudity, communal property, no law, cannibalism, sacrifice
4.4 Doctrine of Discovery
4.5 Americanity- Space, workers, states
5 Eu colonialism created labor system by ethnicity
5.1 Conquest; Colonial: French; Indepencence
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