Short term effects of exercise (Respiratory)

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Short term effects of exercise (Respiratory)
1 Minute Volume = Amount of breath in one minute
1.1 Expired MV = Amount of air breathed out in one minute
1.2 Inspired MV = Amount of air breathed in, in one minute
1.3 MV goes up when exercising
1.4 Respiratory rate goes up when exercising
1.5 TV = Volume of air in one breath x RR
1.5.1 Rest: RR = 12 breaths per min, Volume = 0.5l per breath
1.5.2 Moderate: RR = 30 breaths per min, Volume = 2.5l per breath
1.5.3 Maximal: RR = 48 breaths per min, Volume = 4l per breath
2 Diffusion
2.1 Diffusion is when molecules move from high concentration to low concentration
2.2 Gaseous exchange - occurs at the alveoli. Thin walls mean easy diffusion. Oxygen will leave the alveoli and enter the capillaries
2.3 Diffusion occurs at the muscles. Capillaries touch the muscles and oxygen will move across into the muscle
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