3) What have you learned from your audience feedback? Radio

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My Evaluation for my Radio Trailer

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3) What have you learned from your audience feedback? Radio
2 Two of the four improvements mentioned including more elements which we agree would be a good way to improve the radio trailer. This could also increase how interesting people find the trailer. Alongside this they said it could be shorter. The typical length of a radio trailer is around 45 seconds so with ours being a minute is understandable. Lastly we were told that we could make the clips more fluid. I agree with this as some of the clips were louder than others so it was hard to make them all sound like they fitted together really well.
4 This selection of results showed that out of 10, the interest in our trailer was about a 7 which was "interesting". This was quite good but there was one low score of "Quite uninteresting" which shows that someone didn't like the concept or maybe how it was produced and structured. This could be altered if we were to redo the radio trailer to improve its appeal.
6 The one no response obviously didn't think there was enough content in the radio trailer for it to be gripping and put onto a radio station. This is understandable as we only used a few extracts. Packing it with more and editing the structure would hopefully change this response.
8 This gave very mixed responses. The majority of people said that they could imagine this on a radio station which was a good response. However one person said no. We would hope that this is due to it not being to their taste as opposed to it being unprofessional. 50% of the target audience thought it was appropriate and professional though.
10 This was excellent feedback showing that all members of the target audience thought the sound effects were at a suitable volume. This is good because it means that you can hear everything properly and that no elements of the radio trailer were wasted and not appreciated.
12 6 out of 8 members of the target audience said that they believed the voice over was clear with only two saying it was sometimes unclear. However no one said it wasn't clear which is good as the voice over is the main element of the radio trailer. This could be changed by simply redoing the voice over and making sure the speaker talks very very clearly to ensure clarity in their voice.
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