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B1 Summary
1 Keeping Healthy
1.1 A combination of a balanced diet and regular exercise is needed to help keep the body healthy.
2 Diseases
2.1 Our bodies provide an excellent environment for many microbes which can make us ill once they are inside us. Our bodies need to stop most microbes getting in and deal with any microbes which do get in. Vaccination can be used to prevent infection.
3 Nerves and Hormones
3.1 The nervous system and hormones enable us to respond to external changes. They also help us to control conditions inside our bodies. Hormones are used in some forms of contraception and in fertility treatments. Plants also produce hormones and respond to external stimuli.
4 Drugs
4.1 Drugs affect our body chemistry. Medical drugs are developed and tested before being used to relieve illness or disease. Drugs may also be used recreationally as people like the effect on the body. Some drugs are addictive. Some athletes take drugs to improve performance. People cannot make sensible decisions about drugs unless they know their full effects.
5 Interdependence and Adaptations
5.1 Organisms are well adapted to survive in their normal environment. Population size depends on a variety of factors including competition, predation, disease and human influences. Changes in the environment may affect the distribution and behaviour of organisms.
6 Energy and Biomass in Food Chains
6.1 By observing the numbers and sizes of the organisms in food chains we can find out what happens to energy and biomass as it passes along the food chain.
7 Waste Materials From Plants and Animals
7.1 Many trees shed their leaves each year and most animals produce droppings at least once a day. All plants and animals eventually die. Microorganisms play an important part in decomposing this material so that it can be used again by plants. The same material is recycled over and over again and can lead to stable communities.
8 Evolution
8.1 Particular genes or accidental changes in the genes of plants or animals may give them characteristics which enable them to survive better. Over time this may result in entirely new species. There are different theories of evolution. Darwin’s theory is the most widely accepted.
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