Canadian Peace and conflicts

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Canadian role in peace and conflicts throughout the 20th and 21st century

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Canadian Peace and conflicts
1 War in afghanistan
1.1 Canada joins US in war against Afghanistan after terrorist group Al-Queda take responsibility for 911
1.2 Canada officially joined the war on Oct. 7, 2001.
1.3 Canada no longer plays a supportive peace keeping role and primarily a military one
1.4 158 Canadian troops died since the start of the war and its end in 2011
2 Korean War
2.1 Shortly After the second world war, Russia occupied North Korea and the Us occupied SK, After leaving SK became a democratic nation while NK became a Communism which lead to tensions between the two countries
2.2 On June 25th 1950, tensions grew to an all time high and North Korean military forces crossed the 38th parallel into SK marking the start of the war.
2.3 The Un aimed to resolve the issues through negotiations but had also the power to use force
2.4 The war included a 16 member nation which contributed to a military effort of the conflict, Canada being one of the 16
2.5 More than 26000 Canadian soldiers served in North Korea with 516 dying in because of the war
2.6 Was the First UN intervention in history and Canada played a large role in its success which lead to the ceasefire between the two countries.
2.7 War lasted 3 years, From June 25th 1950-July 27th 1953
3 Canadian Forces Operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina
3.1 The war began on April 6 1991 and ended on December 14 1995
3.2 The war began after the dissolution of Yugoslavia as conflicts arose
3.3 As conflict grew countries all over the world including Canada helped forge stability and democracy in the Balkans through the UN and NATO.
3.4 Since 1992, over 40000 Canadian soldiers have served in the Balkan on missions designed to protect the civilians from terrorist acts and promote peace
3.5 The civil war lead to the creation of the United Nations Protection Force (UNPROFOR) in 1992. Its mission was to protect non-combatants and to ensure the security and demilitarization of UN protected areas in Croatia.
4 Denis Kramarovsky
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