War and Peace

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War and Peace
  1. World War II
    1. Who was involved?
      1. 2 main alliances
        1. The Axis
          1. Germany, Japan, and Italy were major players
          2. The allies
            1. Canada was one of them
        2. What happened? Why?
          1. Germany did not feel that the treaty which ended WW1 was good
            1. Hitler and the Nazi party promoted their Ideals which many germans accepted
              1. Germany Invaded Poland, where Britain and France declared war on Germany. Other countries followed suit
          2. Where did it take place?
            1. Fighting took place in Europe, but also in Africa and Asia
            2. When did it take place?
              1. From 1939-1945. 6 years
              2. How did it affect Canadians or Canada?
                1. The Battle of the Atlantic
                  1. In the end, Canada had the 4th largest navy in the world
                  2. Industries expanded to weaponry
                    1. Many ships, planes, and military vehicles were built.
                      1. Valuable to Britain, where half of the stuff went to
                    2. Human Rights
                      1. Participation in the UN after the war
                        1. Canada is a founding member
                  3. The Invasion of Iraq
                    1. Who was involved?
                      1. United States, Britain and Iraq
                      2. What happened? Why?
                        1. Those countries invaded Iraq since they thought the country had weapons of mass destruction
                        2. Where?
                          1. The Middle East, mainly in Iraq
                          2. When?
                            1. From 2003 to 2011. 8 years.
                            2. How did it affect Canada or Canadians?
                              1. We did not participate
                                1. seen as a level-headed country. Makes informed decisions
                                2. Helped rebuild the country post-war
                                  1. Training of forces and police
                                  2. People from the U.S did not want to go to war and left to Canada
                                    1. Our reputation could be seen as a country who is peaceful
                                3. World War I
                                  1. Who was involved?
                                    1. Most countries in Europe. Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Austro-Hungary were fighting. These countries had many allies
                                      1. Since Britain controlled much of Canada's foreign affairs, we were at war as well.
                                        1. Young men and those who needed money signed up to fight in war. They did not think the war would last long
                                          1. Women did not fight, but helped as nurses and drivers in the air force
                                      2. What happened? Why?
                                        1. There is no single reason on what caused WWI.
                                          1. Possibly due to M.A.N.I.A
                                        2. Where did it happen?
                                          1. Most of the fighting took place in Europe
                                          2. When did it take place?
                                            1. The war lasted from 1914 to 1918. 4 years.
                                            2. How did it affect Canadians?
                                              1. The battle of Vimy Ridge
                                                1. Gave Canada a good reputation
                                                  1. First major victory
                                                    1. Led to a sense of national pride
                                                  2. Help build our economy
                                                    1. Munitions industry was booming
                                                      1. Women were being hired when men were off to battle
                                                      2. Victory bonds after the war created generated lots of money
                                                      3. Paris Peace Conference
                                                        1. A step towards independence
                                                          1. Emerging power
                                                      4. Has Canada's participation in military conflict impacted Canadian identity and our reputation in a positive or negative way over the course of the 20th century?
                                                        1. Positive
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