How do Q Hotels ensure they create loyal, hardworking employees?

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How do Q Hotels ensure they create loyal, hardworking employees?
1 Motivation
1.1 Is money the most important factor?
1.1.1 NO Employee behaviour linked to their attitudes, 1 ENCOURAGE Training GROWTH Personal development Feeling of value PASSION Q Hotels - "Inspired by you" RECOGNITION Loyalty develops Hard work continues Potential issues of unfairness and conflict Team work, developing a collective mindset Opportunity Support General manager advice from Q Hotels: "Work towards the gaol by building up your knowledge, skills and experience" BUT HOW? "Through a combination of positions, training and development" Self - actualisation HAPPINESS Work/ life balance, positive outcomes, happy employees Large company, family benefits Continued positivity towards Q Hotels as a company to work for Qualifications Opportunity "Q People" Management trainee program Job rotation Identifies and develops key skills and attributes Reduces boredom, engages employees UNDERSTANDING Coherence across work force COHESIVE, UNITY, TEAM Achievable tasks, attainable and results rewarded GOALS LEADERSHIP Motivating and inspiring work environment Clear direction Career paths Creativity Noticing talent within existing work force Different management levels RECRUITMENT The big 5 personality traits: Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness Developing an understanding "A process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal." Trust Security Job enrichment Equity of employees, 5 A sense of freedom within the company Opportunity to travel and work in different areas of the country as well as different departments within the hotels Understanding the connections within the workplace Unrealistic goals and tasks being set can be demotivating for employees. The employee needs to develop under the supervision of the company and benefit from the support networks which can be offered to them Fulfillment, job satisfaction See results from work and input POSITIVITY
1.1.2 YES Hierarchy of needs, 2 REWARDS Bonuses, pension schemes, holiday pay, discounts, health and leisure memberships Well-being Work/ life balance Employees's five levels of needs: Physiological, safety, social, ego and self actualising. Lower level needs have to be satisfied before the next level need will motivate employees. Working your way up through a company to achieve a more significant role and therefore a higher salary? NOT always for extrinsic rewards but instead intrinsic e.g achieving personal targets RECOGNITION Become an expert in chosen field Employee effort lead to performance and performance leads to rewards, 3 Positive outcomes, 4 Need for both Extrinsic and intrinsic benefits Motivation comes from intrinsic factors e.g. recognition, whereas extrinsic factors/ hygiene e.g. pay reduce job dissatisfaction, 6 Reaching full potential, content Job satisfaction Company loyalty further develops COGNITIVE GROWTH
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