Agency Profile

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Agency Profile

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Agency Profile
1 Current Profile
1.1 Target Profile
1.1.1 Strategic Goals
1.1.2 Tactical Goals
1.1.3 CDM Program
1.1.4 Other initiatives
1.2 Data Collection
1.2.1 CSAM
1.2.2 TEM reports
1.2.3 SSA Reports
1.2.4 Data Call from Agencies
2 Definition
2.1 Requirements development
2.1.1 ? Who to participate ? Who to approve ASOC staff Agencies
2.1.2 Cyber Security Framework ORG level, not system based 5 function areas,
2.1.3 Agency Monthly Status Report System Based - A&A status Endpoint statistics
3 USDA Profile
4 ASOC Profile
5 29 Agencies
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