Networks- Web Pages and Web apps

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Networks- Web Pages and Web apps
1 A web page is a document that can be viewed on a web browsers
2 It can contain:
2.1 Animations
2.2 Hyperlinks
2.3 Sounds
2.4 Images
2.5 Text
3 Most web pages are written using:
3.1 HTML
3.2 HTML5
3.3 XML
3.4 CSS
4 Static and Dynamaic Websites
4.1 Static
4.1.1 A static website has no form of interactivity. It only uses HTML and CSS and there are no options for the user to input data
4.2 Dynamic
4.2.1 Dynamic websites contain elements that allow the user to interact with the site. They can automatically update sections of a site based on other information or databases Contact forms and search are basic types of dynamic interaction
4.3 An online shop would use a database to automate the prices of products
4.3.1 Product details will be stored on an online database
4.3.2 The owner could update the database on the sever
4.3.3 This system is better as it iseasier than updating the prices in HTML on a static page
5 A software application is stored on a computer's hard drive
6 But a web application is stored on a sever and used through a web browser
7 The client-side is the user interface of the where apps are displayed in the browser using:
7.1 HTML
7.2 CSS
7.3 JavaSript
8 The sever-side stores and processes the bulk of the data and source code using languages such as:
8.1 SQL
8.2 PHP
8.3 Python
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