Specific immune response

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Specific immune response
1 Produce different WBCs
1.1 Phagocytes
1.1.1 Neutrophils
1.1.2 Macrophages
1.2 T cells
1.2.1 T memory Immunological memory
1.2.2 T helper Stimulate B cell production
1.2.3 T killer Produce toxins to kill infected cells
1.3 B cells
1.3.1 B memory
1.3.2 B plasma Produces antibodies
2 Phagocytosis of pathogen
2.1 Antigen presentation by macrophages and infected cells
2.1.1 monokines
2.1.2 histamines and interferon T killer, T memory T Killer clonal expansion` Attach to infected cells, insert toxin (e.g. h2 o2) to kill cell and pathogen
2.1.3 Clonal selection and T helper T helper clonal expansion interleukins B cell clonal selection B cell clonal selection B plasma produce antibodies attach to non-self antigens phagocytosis B memory
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