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  1. Data Capture
    1. How the data gets into the system
    2. E-commerce system
      1. Gets the user to enter the data
        1. Transaction processing is used
          1. Real Time
            1. Happens as they occur
              1. Automatically updates
              2. Output
                1. Receipt
              3. Check
                1. The customer needs to carefully check the information they have imputed.
                2. ATM
                  1. Credit/Debit card
                    1. Need to enter pin
                      1. can obtain cash
                        1. 24/7
                          1. Convenient locations
                            1. Real-time transaction prossessing
                            2. Online banking
                              1. Uses the internet
                                1. Username and password needed
                                  1. Security Question needed
                                    1. Encryption
                                      1. Backups must be capable of replacing the current system
                                        1. Backing up the system
                                          1. Uninteruptable power supply
                                            1. One to take over if one crashes
                                              1. High speed link to back up data off-site
                                              2. Bank statement
                                                1. Transfer money quickly
                                                  1. Pay bills
                                                    1. Apply for loans
                                                    2. Payroll Systems
                                                      1. Individual records
                                                        1. Pay rate
                                                          1. Records work hours
                                                            1. OMR
                                                              1. Automatically read timesheets to work out pay rate
                                                              2. Payslips
                                                              3. Email
                                                                1. Junk Mail
                                                                  1. Disgard
                                                                  2. Businesses could get a lot of mail
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