Non-vascular (organisms?) From Foldable

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Non-vascular (organisms?) From Foldable
1 Eukaryotes
2 Special Structures:
2.1 Cell Walls
2.2 Chloroplasts
2.3 Rhizome - underground stem
2.4 Rhizoid - similar to roots
3 Reproduction:
3.1 Spores
4 Other Important Features:
4.1 NO special tubing to move water and nutrients.
4.2 Cannot grow tall
4.3 Must be close to water source (doesn't have to be lake, think about moss)
4.4 Must use osmosis
4.5 Can live on rocks, start making soil.
5 Examples:
5.1 Moss
5.2 Liverworts
5.3 Hornworts
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