Nazi Party Beliefs

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nazi party beliefs

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Nazi Party Beliefs
1 Hitler was in prison from 1923 - 1924 (9 months). Here he wrote his autobiography Mein Kampf, which outlined most of his political beliefs.
2 Nationalism
2.1 Broke restrictions on Germany in the Treaty of Versailles
2.2 Revived the power of Germany
2.3 Made Germany self-sufficient, not dependent on imports from abroad
2.4 Expanded Germany's boarders
2.5 Purified the German 'race'
3 Socialism
3.1 Like communists, Hitler wanted to control big businesses
3.2 Communists wanted to place all private land and businesses in the hands of the workers. Hitler didn't support this form of socialism
3.3 To him, socialism meant running the economy in the national interest so that:
3.3.1 Both argriculture and industry would flourish
3.3.2 Businesses wouldn't make unfair profits
3.3.3 Jews couldn't control businesses
3.3.4 Workers would be treated fairly
4 Totalitarianism
4.1 Hitler despised democracy. He said it was weak
4.2 He believed in Furherprinzip (leadership principle): total loyalty to leader. - Leader could organise every aspect of society for the benefit of German people
5 Traditional German Values
5.1 He wanted the return of: Strong family values, with clear male and female roles
5.1.1 Christian morality
5.1.2 old-style German culture, with traditional art, music and theatre
6 Struggle
6.1 Germany should struggle: Outside her borders, against other countries, for land - to get living space, so that all German people could live together, united
6.1.1 Inside her borders, against non-German people, so that they could strengthen the true German race
7 Racial Purity
7.1 Hitler said people were divided into superior and inferior races
7.1.1 The Aryans were the superior race - German people of northern Europe, who, he said, had produced all that was good in human culture
7.1.2 Inferior races - eastern Europe, Asia and Africa
7.1.3 lowest form of life - Jews, described as parasites who fed off the countries they lived in
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