Steps to Power

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Steps to power: Hitler

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Steps to Power
1 1.January 1933
1.1 Adolf Hitler was made Chancellor by Von Papen and Hindenburg
1.2 supreme dictator of Germany by summer 1934
2 2. Reichstag Fire
2.1 27th February 1933 - Reichstag building burnt down. Hitler blamed communists and declared that fire was the beginning of communist uprising
3 3. 1933 election
3.1 March 1933 - Once he was chancellor, Hitler took steps to complete a Nazi takeover for Germany. So he called another election for March 1933 to try and get an overall Nazi majority in the Reichstag.
4 4. Enabling Act
4.1 24 March 1933 - Hitler passed the Enabling Act - allowing him to make laws without consulting the Reichstag by using the SA and SS, he intimidated the Reichstag
5 5. Night of the Long Knives
5.1 29-30 June - on the weekend of 29-30 June squads of SS men broke into the homes of Rohm and other leading figures in the SA and arrested them
6 6. Fuhrer Oath
6.1 2 August 1934 - entire army swore oath of personal loyalty to Adolf Hitler as Fuhrer of Germany
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