The Media

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the media

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The Media
1 Why?
1.1 way of getting across information
1.2 Useful for Nazis to use it to promote their message, but it could also be used in the opposite way
1.3 All types of media were strictly controlled by Goebbels' Propaganda Ministry. Media was a powerful tool for Nazis but could also be a threat if utilised by opponents
2 Books
2.1 Had to be approved before publication
2.2 Book burnings were organised to get rid of unacceptable texts (Jewish authors, etc.)
3 Art
3.1 Only approved artists and paintings
3.2 Had to promote Nazi message, eg. showing ideal Aryan people
4 Newspapers
4.1 Closely controlled - no anti-Nazi messages
4.2 Jewish journalists/editors sacked
4.3 Newspapers became dull propaganda & sales fell by 10%
5 Films
5.1 All films needed pro-Nazi message
5.2 Were accompanied by news reel propaganda trumpeting Nazi triumph
5.3 Foreign films always heavily censored
6 Posters
6.1 Used to promote Nazi messages, eg. anti-Jewish pro-filter
7 Pop music
7.1 Jazz music (popular with young) was banned because of its African American origins. Harsh punishments.
8 Radio
8.1 Cheap radios available so people could listen to Hitler's speeches/ Nazi broadcasts
8.2 listening to foreign radio was banned/ punished by camps
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