Cold War

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Cold War
1 Background
1.1 Russia became worlds first communist country in 1917 Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were leaders of revolution
1.2 Communism
1.2.1 Equality
1.2.2 every aspect of life and business was controlled by state
1.3 Capitalism
1.3.1 freedom
1.3.2 democracy in politics (voting) and free market in business
2 Second World War
2.1 Soviets suffered horrifically, over 20 million dead
2.2 USA and Britain insisted on attacking Germany through Italy and later, France
2.3 Stalin - dictator of Soviet Union
3 Potsdam Conference (1945)
3.1 Churchill, Stalin and Truman met at Potsdam
3.2 Attlee - new prime minister - replaced Churchill
3.3 Germany defeated - Big Three no longer united by common enemy
3.4 set up Council of Foreign Ministers - organise re-building of Europe
3.5 reduce size of Germany
3.6 ban Nazi army - prosecute remaining Nazis
3.7 divide Germany into 4 zones - USSR, Britain, France, USA
3.8 Divide Berlin into 4
4 Atomic Bomb
4.1 Truman believed America possessed ultimate weapon in atomic bomb - 'master card' in Potsdam discussions
4.2 gave America power to destroy entire enemy cities without risking a single American life
4.3 Soviet scientists instructed to develop their own - Stalin's plan, create 'buffer zone' between USSR and capitalist West
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