Inventions That Have Changed Canadian Identity

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Inventions That Have Changed Canadian Identity- History

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Inventions That Have Changed Canadian Identity
1 Common Electricity Throughout Homes And Buildings
1.1 Allowed for lighting and heating of homes
1.2 Electricity was found out by Benjamin Franklin
1.2.1 Originally only the rich had electricity however it began to grow into poor homes too
1.3 Electricity was used for inventions starting in and around the 1900's
1.3.1 Electricity was not being developed in homes until 1933
2 The Invention Of Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops
2.1 Changed the way people live their lives.
2.1.1 Used for: Entertainment, Communication, Social Media, Work, etc. Has caused less developed social skills in everyone but mainly the newer generation An addiction has began to effect our generation
2.2 Started with smaller simple phones
2.2.1 We have now progressed into touchscreen smartphones and tablets
2.3 Smartphones use batteries and therefore don't need to be plugged in all the time
2.3.1 This allows for all the time access to these phones, tablets and laptops
3 The First Digital Computer
3.1 Called the "ABC"
3.1.1 This was short for the Atanasoff-Berry Computer The ABC was an electrical computer that used vacuum tubes for digital computation.
3.2 Development Began in 1937
3.2.1 Development continued until 1942
3.3 Invented by Professor John Vincent Atanasoff
3.3.1 Born October 4, 1903 Died June 15, 1995 (Age: 91)
3.4 Designed for he solution of systems of simultaneous linear equations.
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