Final Steps to War, 1939

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Events leading up to the outbreak of the Second World War.

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Final Steps to War, 1939
1 Invasion of Czechoslovakia, March 1939
1.1 93% of the British public expected further action form Hitler
1.2 Was not self-determination but an invasion
1.3 Britain and France warned Hitler against invading Poland
1.4 Appeasement ended
2 Nazi-soviet Pact, August 1939
2.1 Stalin
2.1.1 Joined and left the League after Abyssinia
2.1.2 Saw British and French inaction over Germany's rearmament as weak
2.1.3 Stalin was not consulted over the Munich Agreement
2.1.4 Britain sent three generals for negotiations but Germany sent Ribbentrop
2.2 Agreements
2.2.1 Germany and USSR would not attack each other
2.2.2 Poland would be split between them Stalin already had plans to take the Baltic states
3 Invasion of Poland, September 1939
3.1 Germany invaded on the 1st
3.2 USSR invaded on the 17th
3.3 Britain and France declared war on the 2nd
3.3.1 Hitler did not expect this, it was too soon
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