Mary I- Political

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Mary I- Political
1 her reaction to the Device
1.1 brave and astute
1.2 won
1.2.1 became Queen
1.2.2 had obvious support
1.3 'to the surprise and embarassment of those politicians and local leaders who supposed that their was no choice but to obey Northumberland, Mary was swept to power by a revolution'- C.Haigh
2 had no serious experience in government
2.1 relied somewhat on those who had served her half-brother
2.2 had as many as 50 councillors during her reign
2.2.1 A.F.Pollard and other critics assumed her Privy Council was too large and faction ridden to function
2.3 chose others to rely on who had experience
2.3.1 e.g. Churchmen who had been excluded from influence during Edward VI's reign and conservative councillors
3 Privy Council's supervision of administration was relatively effective
3.1 she had one inner, intimate circle
3.1.1 from Kenninghall faction
3.1.2 these had been loyal to her during Edward's reign
3.1.3 deemed trustworthy
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