Ancient Egypt

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Mindmap of Ancient Egyptian Medicine

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Ancient Egypt
1 Life in Egypt
1.1 Wealth
1.1.1 Wealth based on the River Nile. When it flooded every year it made the soil fertile, which gave rich crops each year. Landowners became rich
1.2 Specialist Doctors
1.2.1 The rich employed doctors to look after them. The Pharoah had his own physician. These doctors spent much of their lives trying to improve understanding of medicine.
1.3 Metal Workers
1.3.1 Skilled craftsmen in Egypt made bronze instrucments for doctors so the Egpytian doctors had better medical instruments.
1.4 Trade
1.4.1 Egypt had wide spread trading links. Medicinal herbs were brought from all around the world, giving the Egyptians a wide knowledge of herbal medicines.
1.5 Improved Writing
1.5.1 Hieroglyphics and papyrus were used by doctors to record illnesses and treatments.
1.6 Religion
1.6.1 Religion increased medicial knowledge. Bodies were embalmed after death and mummified. Organs were removed and preserved.
1.7 The Nile and Farming
1.7.1 Doctors took their ideas from the River Nile. The channels farmers dug brought life to the farmland. Doctors thought that when people became sick the 'channels' in their body were blocked.
2 Who treated the sick
2.1 Specialist doctors
2.1.1 Some people devoted their lives to improving medicine.
2.2 Priests
2.2.1 Many priests doubled as doctors
2.3 Female doctors
2.3.1 Records show that there were only two female doctors in Ancient Egypt
3 Treatments
3.1 Herbs
3.1.1 They used honey, frankinsence and myrrh amongst others.
3.2 Surgery
3.3 Magic or charms
3.3.1 Some temples were associated with healing. Poeple would bathe in blessed water.
3.3.2 Charms were used to protect against evil spirits.
3.4 Other treatments
3.4.1 Skinned mice eaten whole
3.4.2 Purging
3.4.3 Practiced personal hygiene
3.4.4 Fishermen used their nets to keep away mosquitos.
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