Media Studies Theories

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PLIDA (Proyecto Lengua Italiana Dante Alighieri) Media Studies Mind Map on Media Studies Theories, created by Mingetron 4000 on 04/12/2015.

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Media Studies Theories
1 Post Structuralism
1.1 Suggests that it is not possibbe to identify clear structures in texts
2 Signs and signifiers (Barthes)
2.1 Signs are interpreted through cultural mythologies e.g Rose signifies love
3 Denotations and connotations (Fiske)
3.1 Connotations are codes that are specific to particular cultures
4 Monopoly
4.1 A single institution that dominates a particular industry
5 Oligopoly
5.1 A small number of organisations that dominate an industry
6 Conglomerates
6.1 A collection of companies owned by a single institution
7 Different ways of audiences consuming media
7.1 Primary media
7.1.1 Audience watch it by themselves directly
7.2 Secondary Media
7.2.1 Radio or TV providing background noise whilst the audience are doing something else
7.3 Tertiary Media
7.3.1 Audiences not even aware of consumption such as walking into a shop and a radio advert coming on
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