Drama Terminology

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National 5 Drama Mind Map on Drama Terminology, created by Hollie Frame on 04/12/2015.

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Drama Terminology
1 Movement
1.1 Mime, Body Language, Facial exp, Gesture, Naturalistic, Stylised, Posture, Balance, Speed, Timing, Positioning, Mannerisms, Stance, Rythm, Speed
2 Voice
2.1 Accent, Pace, Volume, Clarity, Emphasis, Pitch, Pause, Articulation, Fluency, Intonation, Register
3 Genre
3.1 Comedy, Tragedy, Crime Drama, Docudrama, Melodrama, Farce, Tragicomedy, Satire
4 Characterisation
4.1 Character Cards, Improvisation, Role Play, Hot Seating, Voices in the Head, Writing in Role, Thought Tracking
5 Structure
5.1 Linear, Non-linear
6 Style
6.1 Naturalistic, Non-naturalistic
7 Form
7.1 Play, Dance drama, Mime, Monologue, Movement, Musical, Pantomime
8 Production
8.1 Set Design, Sound, Lighting, Costume, Makeup, Props
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