Child- directed speech (CDS)


Child language acquisition mind map on the early development of language
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Child- directed speech (CDS)
  1. Academic term for lang used by adults / caregivers when addressing children
    1. Phonology
      1. Separate phrases more distinctly (longer pauses)
        1. Speak more s-l-o-w-l-y
          1. Exaggerated 'singsong' intonation
            1. Exaggerated diff between Q, statements & commands
              1. Higher & wider range of pitch
              2. Lexis & semantics
                1. Use of concrete nouns (e.g. train, cat) & dynamic verbs (e.g. give, put)
                  1. Adopt child's own words for things (e.g. wickle babbit)
                    1. Frequent use of child's name & absence of pronouns
                    2. Grammar
                      1. Repeated sentence frames = 'That's a...'
                        1. More simple sentences
                          1. Fewer complex sentences & passives
                            1. Omission of past tense & inflections
                              1. More command, Qs & tag Qs = keep convo flowing
                                1. Use of EXPANSIONS
                                  1. Where the adult 'fills out' the child's utterance
                                  2. Use of RECASTING
                                    1. Where child's vocab put into a new utterance
                                  3. Pragmatics
                                    1. Lots of gestures & body lang
                                      1. Stopping frequently for child to respond
                                        1. Supportive lang
                                        2. Clarke - Stewart 1973
                                          1. Children whose mothers talk to them more have larger vocab
                                          2. Nelson 1973
                                            1. Holophrastic stage
                                              1. Children whose mothers corrected them on word choice & pronunciation actually advanced more SLOWLY than those w/ mothers who were gen accepting
                                              2. Kuhl 1992
                                                1. Studied exaggerated vowel sounds used by parents when speaking to 6 month olds (in Eng, Swedish, & Russian)
                                                  1. Babies turn towards adults who speak in sing - song voice, ignoring regular convo
                                                    1. Mothers in all 3 countries exaggerated important vowels
                                                    2. IMPORTANT
                                                      1. NOT ALL CULTURES USE CHILD - DIRECTED SPEECH
                                                        1. In some (non - western) cultures babies are expected to 'blend in' w/ adult interaction & no special accommodation is made
                                                          1. These children STILL go through some developmental stages at roughly some time, as long as there is EXPOSURE to lang
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