AP Environmental Science

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AP Environmental Science
1 Energy Resources and Consumption
1.1 Energy Concepts
1.1.1 Energy Forms Renewable Renewable energy is energy that comes from sources that can be replenished in a human lifetime Non-Renewable Nonrenewable energy is energy that comes from resources that can not be replenished in a human life time
1.1.2 Power Power is electricity created either through the consumption of renewable or nonrenewable resources
1.1.3 Laws of Thermodynamics The first law is that energy can not be created nor destroyed The second law of thermodynamics is that we end up with less useable energy than we started with
1.2 Energy Consumption
1.2.1 Industrial revolution caused a large, rapid increase in energyconsumption
1.2.2 With the rise of consumerism energy production and consumption has increased
1.3 Fossil Fuel Resources and Use
1.3.1 Coal and oil are nonrenewable resources that is formed from fossils under pressure for millions of years
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