The Treaty of Versailles

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The Treaty of Versailles
1 Reparations
1.1 £6,600 billion
1.2 Germany had to pay for all losses and damages to the allied countries
2 War Guilt
2.1 Germany had to take full responsibility for the war.
2.1.1 Germany weren't the ones who started WWI but they still had to take the blame for it.
2.2 Had to sign article 231
2.2.1 Also meant that they had to agree with the terms of the treaty.
3 Army
3.1 Army was limited to 100,000 men
3.1.1 Conscription was banned
3.2 No tanks, submarines or airforce
3.3 Limited to 6 battleships
4 T-territory R-reparations A-army W-war guilt L-league of nations
5 Territory
5.1 All colonies taken away from Germany
5.1.1 They were shared between Britain and France
5.1.2 e.g. Polish Corridor
5.2 Rhineland was declared a demilitarised zone.
6 League of Nations
6.1 Germany joined the League of Nations in 1926
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