The White Tower


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The White Tower
  1. Lil' background information
    1. building began in 1070, being made outta wood, and was later finished in 1079
      1. Protected by the river and protected walls the romans used to protect the city
        1. Second largest stone tower in England on the east
      2. Main reasons
        1. Royal place
          1. last place of refuge
            1. prevent rebellions and remind em of who's boss
              1. prevent foreign invasions
                1. introduce Norman architecture style
                2. Royal Residence and Palace
                  1. great hall, chamber for king and family, and chapel
                    1. three major rooms 107x118ft
                    2. top floor was living quarters
                      1. largest room was 95ft long banqueting hall
                      2. St. John's Chapel
                        1. place for kings to be worshiped
                          1. william wanted all rooms needed for royal residence all in one tower
                            1. regarded white tower as a royal residence
                        2. Fortress and armoury
                          1. tower walls up to 15ft thicc
                            1. entrance on the first floor
                              1. made it more difficult for attacks to enter
                              2. roof was sunken position surrounded & screened by high external walls
                                1. four feet wide passageway built into thick outer wall of second floor
                                  1. allowed archers & other defenders to move from one position to another without being fired on
                                  2. tower surrounded by a curtain wall with corner towers to protect
                                  3. Rebellion prevention
                                    1. stone keeps built which is very imposing and impressive
                                      1. demonstrated power and wealth of the Normans
                                      2. White tower used to prevent rebellions in London
                                        1. built in the east
                                        2. built within old Roman city walls
                                          1. foundations of Roman Temple of Claudius
                                            1. suggested William is new emperor
                                              1. by linking Normans with Romans it deterred rebellions
                                            2. building castles key to Willaim's domination of england
                                              1. White tower was part of this tactic
                                            3. Defend London to prevent foreign attack
                                              1. location able to confront any attacks from the east and sea
                                                1. vantage point used to send out soldiers
                                                2. several Danish attacks
                                                  1. built in east to defend from attack
                                                    1. Montifichet tower & Baynard's castle built to defend west
                                                  2. Introduction to Norman Architecture
                                                    1. built by Gundulf
                                                      1. William's trusted assistant in large & complex projects
                                                        1. introduced Norman style to England
                                                          1. built out of white stone from Caen
                                                      2. Design came from towers in Normandy
                                                        1. Tower at Rouen built in similar position to White Tower
                                                          1. Castle at Ivry-la-Bataille [1040] had same ground plan
                                                          2. White Tower used as a blueprint for stone towers built in 11th Century England
                                                            1. Similar to famous Rochester Castle
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