What I did with the feedback that I recieved

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What I did with the feedback that I recieved
1 Positives
1.1 The majority of my comments were extremely positive making me positive about the task I had created
1.2 The feedback I received from the audiences was very helpful for improving my pieces of work as I could see from an outsiders view if my concepts worked and what could be changed or improved
1.3 The best feedback I received was that the style of my video went with the song choice as I wanted the black and white to show the negativity of the story line so I am glad my audience recognised this.
1.4 I asked if it compared to real life music videos and all of my feedback stated it did. This pleasing as it meant that I had followed typical conventions of the industry in my tasks.
2 Negatives
2.1 Too much black and white
2.1.1 KEPT: Some of the comments stated that I used too much black and white however I decided not to change this aspect of my video. The reason for this is that I thought it was effective in portraying the negative story behind my video. Also through my research many artist had used this effect in the same way I wished to use e.g 'Ed Sheeran - A team' therefore I believe that this effect worked well.
2.2 Shots of performance too long in the middle
2.2.1 CHANGED: This comment helped me as it meant that I knew that I should include some more shots so that the audience do not begin to get bored because just watching a performance. To do this I decided to record some more monologues in order to break up the performance aspect also so that I was not repeating the same performance shots too much. Most of the feedback I received highlighted this issue which made it more important for me to change it.
2.3 Lip shot blurry
2.3.1 CHANGED: I liked the shot I used of my artists lips therefore I rerecorded the extreme close up. The original was blurred due to an unsteady had therefore I used a tripod in order to film the shot improving the quality making it look much more professional.
2.4 Use Template for Digipak
2.4.1 CHANGED: Originally I didn't piece together my digipak and left each page separate. However, my feedback highlighted that the audience didn't see it as one complete piece and were confused as to which pages went where. I changed this for this reason and also so it looks more professional.
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