History- Ancient Medicine

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History- Ancient Medicine
1 Prehistoric
1.1 Key words
1.1.1 Trephining Cutting a small hole in the skull and removing a piece to let out evil spirits
1.1.2 Medicine men Could understand and deal with the spirits
1.2 No conclusions are certain
1.2.1 Evidence from fossils and Aborigines
1.3 Health of people
1.3.1 Physically fit
1.3.2 Good teeth
1.3.3 Short
1.3.4 Women died before men Childbirth
1.3.5 Most died before 40
1.3.6 Osteoarthritis
1.4 Causes
1.4.1 Evil spirits
1.4.2 Broken bones from accidents
1.4.3 Pregnancy
1.4.4 Pain from hard work
1.4.5 Lack of hygiene
1.5 Who treated illness
1.5.1 Medicine men
1.5.2 Women
1.6 Treatments
1.6.1 Charms to ward off evil sirits
1.6.2 Herbal remedies
1.6.3 Basic surgery such as setting broken bones
1.6.4 Trephining
2 Egyptian
2.1 Anatomy
2.1.1 Heart controlled the body
2.1.2 Blood carried air and water
2.1.3 Channels
2.1.4 Recognized heart, blood, liver, brain, and lungs.
2.2 Who treated illness
2.2.1 Priests Encouraged cleanliness
2.2.2 Specialist doctors employed by the rich
2.2.3 Family (especially women)
2.3 Causes
2.3.1 Gods
2.3.2 Blocked Channel Theory Rotting (undigested) food let off gases that caused disease and blocked the channels in the body People ate healthier diets
2.4 Treatments
2.4.1 Herbal remedies
2.4.2 Charms
2.4.3 Simple surgery on the surface of the body
2.5 Egyptian life and medicine
2.5.1 Wealthy and powerful pharoahs Could employ priests as specialist doctors
2.5.2 Hieroglyphics Writing down ideas
2.5.3 Priests had to be clean Disease didn't spread as easily
2.5.4 Embalming for the after life Learnt about anatomy
2.5.5 Farmers used water channels Developed channel theory
2.5.6 Trade Herbs
3 Greeks
3.1 Four Humours
3.1.1 Yellow bile Summer Fire Change in diet
3.1.2 Black bile Autumn Earth Take something to make you sick
3.1.3 Blood Spring Air Bleeding
3.1.4 Phlegm Winter Water Honey
3.2 Causes
3.2.1 Gods
3.2.2 Imbalance of the Four humours
3.3 Treatments
3.3.1 Balance the humours
3.3.2 Charms
3.3.3 Careful observation
3.3.4 Asclepion
3.3.5 Herbal remedies
3.4 Hippocrates
3.5 Alexandria
3.5.1 Centre of medical knowledge
3.5.2 University
3.5.3 Library
4 Romans
4.1 Who treated illnes
4.1.1 Trained doctors
4.1.2 Women
4.1.3 Salus Goddess of health
4.2 Causes
4.2.1 Gods
4.2.2 Four humours
4.3 Public Health
4.3.1 Aqueducts For the rich and the army Stored in reseviour
4.3.2 Baths Used once a week
4.3.3 Drains and sewers into rivers
4.3.4 Needed healthy army Practice for doctors
4.4 Treatments
4.4.1 Same as Greeks
4.4.2 Theory of opposites Galen built on Hippocrates theory of the Four Humours
4.4.3 Army had hospitals and doctors/surgeons
4.4.4 Bleeding
4.4.5 Amputations
4.4.6 Trephining
4.4.7 Doctors recommended exercise and changes on diet or prescribed herbs (opposites)
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