Churchill 1951-55

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Churchill 1951-55
1 Conservative Policies
1.1 Butskellism began as conservatives continued;​ commitment to full employment through Keynesian economic management​ high levels of state funded welfare​ a mixed economy​ Labour's key policies were popular, ending the welfare state would anger Butler and Macmillan as well as the public. They did denationalize iron, steel and road haulage industries​
2 Employment
2.1 In 1951 there were 367,000 unemployed. It began to rise in 1952 so the government responded with public work schemes. Between 1952-5 figures never exceeded half a million.​
3 Housing
3.1 In 1951 the Conservative manifesto promised 300,000 new houses a year, between 1952-1964 the Conservatives built 1.7 million new homes.
3.2 Harold Macmillan is housing minister
4 Social Policy
4.1 Butler's (the coe) first budget introduced charges of 2 shillings for every prescription.
5 Keynesianism
5.1 In 1954 Butler cut income tax and reduced interest rates to bring inflation down. Then the tories cut income tax againin 56 and 59 which led to a boom in 59 and 60.
5.2 Most types of rationing inclusing sugar came to an end in 1953. Austerity was replaced with affluence.
6 results
6.1 Conservatives 302
6.2 Labour 295
6.3 Liberals 9
6.4 Other 19
7 Winston himself
7.1 Churchill was 77, he would be a consensus prime minister accepting the welfare states, conciliation with trade unions. He had already had a heart attack and was to have a massive stroke in 1953 and eventually retired in April 1955
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