Edward Heath

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Edward Heath
  1. The "Quiet Revolution"
    1. introduced free market policies by abolishing ; the NBPI and IRC
      1. First budget by Anthony Barber
        1. cutting corporation tax
          1. ending provision of free milk to schoolchildren
            1. cutting government subsidies for council housing rents
              1. raising prescription charges
                1. overall Barber managed to cut government spending
              2. got rid of the quangos which were previously established by Labour
                1. 1971
                  1. Barber Budget - big tax cuts and cuts in government spending
                    1. August - Industrial Relations Act becomes law
                      1. October - Heath wins the vote in House of Commons for entry into Europe
                        1. NUM begins over-time ban
                        2. 1972
                          1. NUM begins national strike
                            1. November - statuary wage and pay-freeze - return to prices and incomes policy
                            2. 1973
                              1. Britain joins EEC
                                1. October - Arab/Israeli War sparks oil crisis
                                  1. November - Miners' begin second over-time ban
                                  2. 1974
                                    1. January - 3 day week to ration electricity
                                      1. Feburary - Miners' strike and General Election
                                        1. Wilson returns as Prime Minister - ends miners strike
                                        2. negatives
                                          1. abandoned his original economic policies and therefore gained a reputation for inconsistency and a lack of courage
                                            1. union policies antogonised the unions, worsening industrial relations
                                              1. between 1972 and 1974 heath had declared a state of emergency 5 times
                                                1. public associated the government with crisis measures
                                                2. Industrials Relations Act proved to be unenforceable
                                                  1. 1973 OPEC crisis quadrupled oil prices, limited amount of coal, created an energy crisis.
                                                    1. state of emergency
                                                      1. reducing the working week to 3 days
                                                        1. lowering the speed limit to 50 m.p.h
                                                          1. ending television broadcasts at 10:30pm
                                                        2. unemployment rose between 1970 and 1973
                                                          1. inflation rose throughout Heaths time as PM
                                                          2. increased government intervention
                                                            1. created public work schemes to create jobs in "special developed areas"
                                                              1. nationalised Rolls-Royce and Upper Clyde Shipbuilders
                                                                1. increased spending on pensions, NHS and Education - after the spending cuts by Barber
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